Career Opportunity
Location: Succasunna, NJ
Type: Full-Time
Date: to 06/18/2012 from 2/1/2012
Job Description : Review phys orders; prep compounds/dispense meds; eval patient med rec/med hist to dispense approp drugs/dosages; consult with patients/providers to prevent allergic/adverse drug reactions.
Qualification Requirements : Master’s deg. (or foreign equiv.) in Pharmacy, Pharmacology, or related + knowledge of below skills.  In lieu of a Master’s deg., possess a Bachelor’s deg. (or foreign equiv.) in Pharmacy, Pharmacology or rel. + 5 yrs of progressive Pharm. Sci. exp. + knowledge of pharm. dispensing, compliance, drug dosage formulation, durable medical equipment, exposure to medicaid/medicare, and surgical supplies. NJ Pharm license required.
Contact : Please Send resume/cover letter to S.L.V. Pharmacy d/b/a Valley Pharmacy,107 RT 10E, Succasunna, N.J. 07876.
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